chinese garment (cinas āṭaka)

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Dear All,

in a Buddhist law commentary (Vajirabuddhi's Gaṇṭhipada; terminus  
post quem 5th century, terminus ad quem 12th century), possibly of  
South Indian origin, the author compares a robe made of single woven  
with a "Chinese garment" (cinasāṭakaṃ, v.l. cīna-). Later  
commentators (Sinhalese) have the same description, but drop the  
comparison with the Chinese garment. This is the only reference for  
cinasāṭaka I came across.

I would be grateful for  any information about "Chinese garments" or  
about the method to make robes from separately woven patches.

Best wishes for 2009.
Petra Kieffer-Pülz

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