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Dear Dominik,
I've received several emails requesting further information on the materials
recently posted on the CSL website. They are described in full in the two
books, but here's the saara:

The Newari ms. of the *Uttararāmacarita* (1196 CE) is from the National
Archives, Kathmandu, I-344 (Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project
reel-number B 15/4; with thanks to Harunaga Isaacson).

The commentary on the *Rasataraṅgiṇī* of Bhānudatta is the *Rasikarañjanī*
Veṇidatta Bhaṭṭācārya (18th cen.?). It is British Library IO San 1703a (two
additional copies were used in the CSL edition: Oriental Institute, Baroda,
mss. nos. 839 (inc.) and 10805).

The album of *Rasamañjarī *paintings was produced in Udaipur probably c.
1650 if not a little earlier. The bulk is preserved in the National Museum,
New Delhi; a half-dozen additional leaves have been located in museums and
private collections in Europe and the US, and are identified in the edition.

With thanks to Harunaga Isaacson and Dragomir Dimitrov.

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