questions on bodhisattva vow

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Valerie J Roebuck
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At 11:24 pm +0100 18/12/08, victor van Bijlert wrote:
>Dear Allen,
>Such questions might actually spell the end of Buddhism as we know it (upto
>now anyway).
>Warm greetings
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>Van: Indology [mailto:INDOLOGY at] Namens Allen W Thrasher
>Verzonden: donderdag 18 december 2008 23:04
>Onderwerp: questions on bodhisattva vow
>Dear Victor,
>They are just questions that came to me, and not from any recent reading on
>All the best,
>"Dear Allen,
>These are interesting questions, but I do not know from what point of view
>they are posed. They look like questions critical non-believers might pose,
>or they are questions that medieval scholastics might have posed as an
>exercise in theological rhetorics. Could you elucidate if these are
>questions you have actually come across somewhere?
>Kind regards
>Victor van Bijlert"

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