questions on bodhisattva vow

victor van Bijlert victorvanbijlert at KPNPLANET.NL
Thu Dec 18 22:24:00 UTC 2008

Dear Allen,
Such questions might actually spell the end of Buddhism as we know it (upto
now anyway).
Warm greetings

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Onderwerp: questions on bodhisattva vow

Dear Victor,

They are just questions that came to me, and not from any recent reading on

All the best,


"Dear Allen,
These are interesting questions, but I do not know from what point of view
they are posed. They look like questions critical non-believers might pose,
or they are questions that medieval scholastics might have posed as an
exercise in theological rhetorics. Could you elucidate if these are
questions you have actually come across somewhere?

Kind regards
Victor van Bijlert"

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