Proceedings BM Symposium: Mansar

hans bakker h.t.bakker at RUG.NL
Thu Dec 18 14:20:39 UTC 2008

It is my pleasure to announce that my ebook containing the proceedings of
the British Museum Symposium on Mansar (2008) has been published. Finally a book
that I can give to you all for free. A (cheap) Christmas present.
You may download the book from the following site:
Under proceedings you will find a thumbnail of the Titlepage,  Contents, and a
thumbnail of the book: Mansar
Downloading Mansar.pdf may take 2 to 30 minutes depending on your
connection, due to its size (188 MB).
In order to download the pdf file smoothly, click once on the thumbnail with
the right mouse button to open the menu.
Click on "Save Target As..."
Once you have downloaded Mansar.pdf on your computer, open it with Adobe
Reader. In the left column you will find all contributions. Under /Cover
sheet/ on the top of the left column you find the title page and, if you
scroll on to the second page,  the ISBN number.
The Introduction is again a large file and it takes acrobat some time to
open it, so please be not impatient.
Preface-contents,  Introduction,  Bakker and Siudmak  can best be read on
the screen in  `full screen mode.'
Please inform me if you encounter difficulties. This is my first ebook and I
am just beginning to learn the  intricacies thereof.
I finish by wishing you all a merry Christmas and a very good 2009.
Hans Bakker

Prof Dr Hans T. Bakker
Institute of Indian Studies
University of Groningen
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the Netherlands
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