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Sujet : Classical Tamil Summer Seminar plus Bhakti Workshop 2009
Date : Thu, 04 Dec 2008 17:51:44 +0100
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Dear friends and colleagues,

the EFEO Pondicherry has the pleasure to announce to you the

*Classical Tamil Summer Seminar in 2009*

Organised by the centre of the École Française d’Extrême-Orient

in Pondicherry, 3^rd to 28^th of August 2009

Next year Tamil in Winter will once again be Tamil in Summer, for the
simple reason that we are planning a double event, that is, a seminar
followed by a workshop. The whole month thus will be devoted to Tamil
bhakti, devotional literature. Out of two weeks seminar, one will be
occupied by Shaiva texts, and here we have chosen Kaaraikkaalammaiyaar,
probably the earliest part of the TirumuRai, and certainly not the
easiest. Depending on speed we might be able to cover TiruviraTTai
MaNimaalai and quite a bit of TiruvaalaGkaaTTu Muuttatiruppatikam. The
second week will focus on Vaishnava literature. Out of the oeuvre of
AaNTaaL we might want to look into the Naacciyaartirumozi, less
well-known than the Tiruppaavai. For the final two weeks, then, scholars
will read and discuss particular texts chosen by them in order to
elucidate different aspects of internal and external chronology of Tamil
bhakti texts. On the one hand we are faced with the issues of linguistic
development (morphology plus syntax) and of intertextual relationship
and literary affiliation, on the other hand bhakti texts are reflected
in inscriptions and they did have an impact on iconographical

For full details see:


The announcement of the bhakti workshop is found on a separate web site:


best wishes

Thomas Lehmann

Eva Wilden

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