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Hot off the press in London and New York:

The Munda Languages. Edited by Gregory D. S. Anderson.

London and New York: Routledge (Routledge Language Famiy Series), 2008.

Pp. xxi + 783.

ISBN: 978-0-415-32890-6

List of chapters:

1. Introduction to the Munda Languages, Gregory D.S. Anderson
2. Santali, Arun Ghosh
3. Mundari, Toshiki Osada
4. Kera? Mundari, Masato Kobayashi and Ganesh Murmu
5. Ho and the other Kherwarian Languages, Gregory D.S. Anderson,  
Toshiki Osada, and K. David Harrison
6. Korku, Norman H. Zide
7. Sora, Gregory D.S. Anderson and K. David Harrison
8. Gorum, Gregory D.S. Anderson and Felix Rau
9. Kharia, John Peterson
10. Juang, Manideepa Patnaik
11. Remo (Bonda), Gregory D.S. Anderson and K. David Harrison
12. Gutob, Arlo Griffiths
13. Gta?, Gregory D.S. Anderson
14. On Nihali, Norman H. Zide

Blurb (from < 
The Munda group of languages of the Austroasiatic family are spoken  
within central and eastern India by almost ten million people. To  
date, they are the least well-known and least documented languages of  
the Indian subcontinent.

This unprecedented and original work draws together a distinguished  
group of international experts in the field of Munda language  
research and presents current assessments of a wide range of  
typological and comparative-historical issues, providing agendas for  
future research.

Representing the current state of Munda Linguistics, this volume  
provides detailed descriptions of almost all of the languages in the  
family, in addition to a brief chapter discussing the enigmatic  
Nihali language.

Gregory D.S. Anderson is Director of the Living Tongues Institute for  
Endangered Languages. His key publications include: The Munda Verb:  
Typological Perspectives (2007), Auxiliary Verb Constructions (2006),  
and Language Contact in South Central Siberia (2005).

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