Horacio Francisco Arganis Juarez h.arganisjuarez at YAHOO.COM.MX
Mon Apr 14 21:04:08 UTC 2008

Dear Professor Tony K. Stewart
  North Carolina State University.
  Dear Professor:
  I shall so thanks  to you and other colleagues specialized in the history of Gaudiya-Vaisnavism, actualizen to me on the philological  status  of the Jayananda's text Caitanya Mangala. Also the apologetic written reactions about this book inside of  Caitanya's scholars, because it work holds a natural death narration of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Thank you very much.
  Horacio F. Arganis-Juarez
  Researcher of IEFAC, IBCH and U A de C.
  Saltillo, Coah.


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