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Dear colleagues,

(apologies for cross-posting.)

I am delighted to announce two recent publications from the Wiener 
Studien zur Tibetologie und Buddhismuskunde:

WSTB 70: Birgit Kellner, Helmut Krasser, Horst Lasic, Michael Torsten 
Much, Helmut Tauscher (eds), "Pramāṇakīrtiḥ. Papers dedicated to Ernst 
Steinkellner on the occasion of his 70th birthday" (2007) 1103p, 2 
volumes. ISBN: 978-3-902501-09-07. EUR 69.00.

The Tables of Contents for both volumes are given below, in plain text 

WSTB 67: Birgit Kellner, "Jñānaśrīmitra's Anupalabdhirahasya and 
Sarvaśabdābhāvacarcā: A Critical Edition with A Survey of his 
Anupalabdhi-Theory" (2007) 126p. ISBN: 978-3-902501-06-6. EUR 14.

Orders can be placed online:

Best regards,

Birgit Kellner
Department of South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies
University of Vienna

---------- Festschrift Ernst Steinkellner: Tables of Conents 

------- Volume 1 -----------

Ernst Steinkellner – Imprints and echoes xi

Publications of Ernst Steinkellner xxvii

Katia Buffetrille, “Pays caché” ou “Avenir radieux?” Le choix de Shes 
rab rgya mtsho 1

Gudrun Bühnemann, śivaliṅgas and caityas in representations of the eight 
cremation grounds from Nepal 23

Christoph Cüppers, Die Reise- und Zeltlagerordnung des Fünften Dalai Lama 37

Elena De Rossi Filibeck, The fragmentary Tholing bKa’ ’gyur in the IsIAO 
Library 53

Max Deeg, A little-noticed Buddhist travelogue – Senghui’s Xiyu-ji and 
its relation to the Luoyang-jialan-ji 63

Hildegard Diemberger, Padmasambhava’s unfinished job: the subjugation of 
local deities as described in the dBa’ bzhed in light of contemporary 
practices of spirit possession 85

Georges Dreyfus, Is perception intentional? A preliminary exploration of 
intentionality in Dharmakīrti 95

Franz-Karl Ehrhard, The biography of sMan-bsgom Chos-rje Kun-dga’ 
dpal-ldan (1735–1804) as a source for the Sino‑Nepalese war 115

Vincent Eltschinger, On 7th and 8th century Buddhist accounts of human 
action, practical rationality and soteriology 135

Eli Franco, Prajñākaragupta on pratītyasamutpāda and reverse causation 163

Toru Funayama, Kamalaśīla’s distinction between the two sub-schools of 
Yogā­cāra. A provisional survey 187

Richard Gombrich, Popperian Vinaya: Conjecture and refutation in 
practice 203

Michael Hahn, In defence of Haribhaṭṭa 213

Paul Harrison, Notes on some West Tibetan manuscript folios in the Los 
Angeles County Museum of Art 229

Jens-Uwe Hartmann, Der Sattvārādhanastava und das Kṣāranadīsūtra 247

Guntram Hazod, The grave on the ‘cool plain’. On the identification of 
‘Tibet’s first tomb’ in Nga‑ra‑thang of ’Phyong-po 259

Harunaga Isaacson, First Yoga: A commentary on the ādiyoga section of 
Ratnākaraśānti’s Bhramahara (Studies in Ratnākaraśānti’s tantric works 
IV) 285

Takashi Iwata, An analysis of examples for the interpretation of the 
word iṣṭaḥ in Dharmakīrti’s definition of the thesis 315

David Jackson, Rong ston bKa’ bcu pa – Notes on the title and travels of 
a great Tibetan scholastic 345

Christian Jahoda, Archival exploration of Western Tibet or what has 
re­mained of Francke’s and Shuttleworth’s Antiquities of Indian Tibet, 
Vol. IV? 361

Muni Śrī Jambūvijayaji, Dignāga’s Nyāyapraveśakaśūtra 395

Shoryu Katsura, Dharmakīrti’s proof of the existence of other minds 407

Deborah Klimburg-Salter, Tradition and innovation in Indo-Tibetan 
painting. Four preaching scenes from the life of the Buddha, Tabo mid 
11th century. 423

Taiken Kyuma, Marginalia on the subject of sattvānumāna 469

Horst Lasic, Placing the Tabo tshad ma materials in the general 
development of tshad ma studies in Tibet. Part one: The study of the 
Nyāyabindu 483

Christian Luczanits, Prior to Birth II – The Tuṣita episodes in Early 
Tibetan Buddhist literature and art 497

------- Volume 2 --------
Klaus-Dieter Mathes, Can sūtra mahāmudrā be justified on the basis of 
Maitrīpa’s Apratiṣṭhānavāda? 545

Claus Oetke, About the assessment of views on a self in the Indian 
philosophical tradition 567

Patrick Olivelle, The term vikrama in the vocabulary of Aśvaghoṣa 587

Parimal G. Patil, Dharmakīrti’s white lie – Philosophy, pedagogy, and 
truth in late Indian Buddhism 597

Ole Holten Pind, Nāgārjunian Divertimento – A close reading of 
Mūlamadhyamakakārikā VII 30cd and VIII 7cd 621

Karin Preisendanz, The initiation of the medical student in early 
classical Āyurveda: Caraka’s treatment in context 629

Ernst Prets, Implications, derivations and consequences: prasaṅga in the 
early Nyāya tradition 669

Charles Ramble, The Aya: Fragments of an unknown Tibetan priesthood 683

Ludo Rocher, Commentators at work: Inheritance by brothers in Hindu law 721

Rosane Rocher, Henry Thomas Colebrooke and the marginalization of Indian 
pandits 735

Cristina Scherrer-Schaub, Immortality extolled with reason: Philosophy 
and politics in Nāgārjuna 757

Lambert Schmithausen, Problems with the Golden Rule in Buddhist texts 795

Walter Slaje, Werke und Wissen: Die Quellensammlung (AD 1680) des 
Kaschmirers Ānanda zum Beweis der Superiorität der 
karma­jñā­na­samuccaya-Doktrin 825

Per Sørensen, Restless relic – The Ārya Lokeśvara icon in Tibet: Symbol 
of power, legitimacy and pawn for patronage 857

Tom J.F. Tillemans, On bdag, gzhan and the supposed active-passive 
neutrality of Tibetan verbs 887

Toru Tomabechi, The extraction of mantra (mantroddhāra) in the 
Sarvabuddhasamāyogatantra 903

Raffaele Torella, Studies on Utpaladeva’s Īśvarapratyabhijñāvivṛti. Part 
IV: Light of the subject, light of the object 925

Kurt Tropper, The Buddha-vita in the skor lam chen mo at Zha lu 
monastery 941

Helga Uebach and Jampa L. Panglung, A silver portrait of the 6th 
Źwa‑dmar Karma‑pa (1584–1630) 975

Käthe Uray-Kőhalmi, Geser/Kesar und seine Gefährtinnen 989

Leonard W.J. van der Kuijp, *Nāgabodhi/Nāgabuddhi: Notes on the 
Guhyasamāja Literature 1001

Roberto Vitali, The White dPyal: Early evidence (from the 7th century to 
the beginning of bstan pa phyi dar) 1023

Chizuko Yoshimizu, Causal efficacy and spatiotemporal restriction: An 
analytical study of the Sautrāntika philosophy 1049

Kiyotaka Yoshimizu, Reconsidering the fragment of the Bṛhaṭṭīkā on 
inseparable connection (avinābhāva) 1079

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