Taaraa's curse

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S.A. Srinivasan, Studies in the Rama
Story. On the irretrievable loss of
Valmiki's original and the operation of
the received text as seen in some
versions of the Valin-Sugriva episode.
Vol. 1.2. [Alt- und Neu-Indische
Studien. 25,1.2.]. Wiesbaden 1984.


 "Csaba Dezso"
<mailto:csaba_dezso at YAHOO.CO.UK>
> In the Northern recension of the Raamaaya.na Taaraa, Vaalin's wife, 
> curses Raama to lose Siitaa after he recovers her. This curse seems 
> to be missing from the Southern rec. Does the curse re-appear in 
> later literature based on the Raamaaya.na? Has anyone done research 
> on this motif?
> Thanks for your kind help,
> Csaba Dezso
> Assistant Professor in Sanskrit
> ELTE University, Budapest

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