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Much thanks to Rosane and Stefan.  A search on the note field right now discovers that the Weber collection has a copy of Sadananda's Vedantasara given by Lassen to Weber.  I think we have some other books that belonged to Lassen in our collections, but I have no way of finding them, for traditionally a mere ownership signature by a famous scholar is not enough to get a note in the LOC catalog record.  We are still working on getting rare book cataloging on all books of Weber's that have significant enclosures or annotations, items which keep popping up after several of what I thought were thorough searches.



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>>> Stefan Baums <baums at U.WASHINGTON.EDU> 10/31/07 4:28 PM >>>

> a suggestion for s.p.(b.)

How about “Sanscriti Professori Bonnensi” or “Bonnae,” giving:

   Tam merito laudatus et ploratus
   Ab illo non minus lugendo citiusque pariter erepto
   Eximio viro
   C[hristiano] F[rederico] L[assen]
   S[anscriti] P[rofessori] B[onnensi]

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