The Library of Dr. Gernot Prunner - a note of market availability

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The Library of Dr. Gernot Prunner, late Director of the Museum für 
Völkerkunde und Vorgeschichte (Hamburg), is a large and important library 
devoted to comparative cultural studies of the civilizations of Asia and 
the Islamic World.  It consists of over 14,000 titles in ca.17,500 
physical volumes, complemented by a collection of 139 mostly complete 
journals in over 7,000 vols.  It is currently housed at Ars Libri of 

The Indic part of the collection consists of over 3000 books.

The library is only for sale intact; the journals can be acquired
individually.  Complete catalogues will be available at the beginning
of May and will be sent to interested institutions upon application.

Partial catalogues of the Prunner Library are available at:

For further details, please contact John Rutter (jrutter at
or Elmar Seibel (eseibel at

Ars Libri Ltd - John Rutter
500 Harrison Avenue
Boston MA 02118
617.338.5763 fax / 617.357.5212 tel  jrutter at

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