converting Arial unicode MS to pdf

Mark Singleton mhs23 at CAM.AC.UK
Wed Jun 27 21:19:07 UTC 2007

I had a similar problem recently converting unicode files to pdf using Open 
Office's pdf converter. It was recommended to me that I use SourceForge's 
PDFCreator 0.9.3 instead, and that has indeed cured the problem. It can be 
downloaded at:

Mark Singleton

On Jun 27 2007, Herman Tull wrote:

> I wonder if anyone can provide expertise on the following: I've written a 
> fairly large document (2645 kb) in roman and devanagari in Word 2003 (on 
> a PC), using Baraha software and Arial unicode MS throughout. When I 
> convert to .pdf the resulting document retains the devanagari and the 
> roman, but does not space the devanagari letters properly. Not all the 
> letters are off, but a significant fraction appear with the odd spacing 
> (runover letters, odd blank spaces, off margins). I am using pdf 995 
> "printer" software to carry out the conversion.
>Any suggestions on how to improve the .pdf output would be greatly 
>Herman Tull
>Princeton, NJ


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