Tamil MS transliteration help

JN jneuss at ARCOR.DE
Sat Jun 23 13:18:23 UTC 2007

Am Sat, 23 Jun 2007 15:00:51 +0200 hat Martin Gansten  
<Martin.Gansten at TEOL.LU.SE> geschrieben:

> With apologies for cross-posting: I have uploaded images of a Tamil
> palm-leaf MS to
> http://www.martingansten.se/Nadi/
> The MS itself is not very old, but a few Tamil scholars have still had  
> some
> trouble deciphering it. I would be grateful for any help in  
> transliterating
> the text, particularly the areas near the four purple underlinings, which
> are supposed to contain proper nouns.
> Thanks in advance,
> Martin Gansten
> Lund University

Jürgen Neuß


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