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 In  Orissa , India  Bhima was lifting  52 bhar  gada(club)  and
Duryodhana  was lifting  64 Bhara gada( club). Both Bhima and Duryodhanawere
the last warriors in  Mahabharata and  Bhima broke the thigh of Duryodhana
with his  club. The weight of Bhimas club  is 52 bhar. This is mentioned in
Oriya mahabharata.
mahendra  Mishra
Folklorist  and   scholar Orissan studies

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> Does anyone have any theories for the widespread cultural significance
> of 52 in South Asia?  There are 52 eternal Jain temples on Nandisvara
> Dvipa, 52 Viras or Bherus, 52 Sakta pithas, 52 battles in the Alha epic,
> and I'm sure other sets of 52?
> Ideas?
> John Cort
> Denison University

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