Comparisons of Ramayana versions?

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> Could someone please recommend comparative studies of 
>the different versions of the Ramayana story, i.e. how 
>the Valmiki Ramayana diverges from the Ramacaritamanasa, 

Just to add some works more to those already mentioned.

V. Raghavan did a lot in this area. He is also the editor 
of a collective volume: _The Ramayana tradition in Asia : 
papers presented at the International Seminar on the 
Ramayana tradition in Asia ... 1975_ / ed. by V. Raghavan. 
- New Delhi : Sahity Akademi, 1980

Posthumously published (but without date):
_The Ramayana in classical Sanskrit and Prakrit Mahakavya 
literature_ / by V. Raghavan. - Pune : Univ. of Poona, 
n.d. (P. D. Gune Memorial Lecture, 1977)

V. M. Kulkarni's published thesis of the Jain versions:
_The story of Rama in Jain literature : (as presented by 
the Svetambara and Digambara poets in the Prakrit, 
Sanskrit and Apabhramsa languages)_ / by V. M. Kulkarni. - 
Ahmedabad : Saraswati Pustak Bhandar, 1990 (Saraswati 
Oriental Studies ; no. 3) [orig. submitted as Ph.D. 
thesis, Univ. of Bombay, 1952]

A recent collective volume ed. by Mandakranta Bose 
contains many articles on the "Greater" Ramayana:
_The Ramayana revisited_ / edited by Mandakranta Bose. - 
Oxford : Oxford Univ. Press, 2004
See contents:

Hope it helps
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