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I think this is the first time I have seen fit to forward to this list a book that has just been offered to libraries in our Cooperative Acquisitions Program.  This one has a huge amount on the beginnings of Indology in the West.  In addition to obvious missisological topics, there is material on the urban history of Chennai and Kokata, Danish history, and Tamil studies.  It appears to be a German-Indian copublication.  I assume "Franckesche Stiftungen" should be "Franckische."



"We have received the following title:

Halle and Beginning of Protestant Christianity in India Vol-1: The
Danish-Halle and English -Halle Mission, Vol-II: Christian Mission in the
Indian Context, Vol-III: Communication between India and Europe / edited by
Andreas Gross, Y. Vincent Kumardoss, Heike Liebau, Halle: Franckesche
Stiftungen, Distribution in India by Manohar Books, 2006.

Price Rs. 1500 less 26% = US $ 27.75
LCCN: I-E-  2007-388022

No Record in LC and OCLC.

Contents include:
Vol.1: The Danish -Halle and the English-Halle Mission: Foreword / Thomas
Muller-Bahlke ( Halle) pp.xv-xx; Preface Andreas Gross (
Part I: Background and Context of the Mission in Europe: Introduction /
Andreas Gross ( Chennai) pp.3-6;  On the crossroad:Pietist, Orthodox and
Enlightened Views on Mission in the Eighteenth Century / Hanco Jurgens (
Nijmegen) pp.7-36; The History of Christian Mission in the Eighteenth
Century / Andreas Feldtkeller ( Berlin) pp.37-56; The Mission in India and
the Worldwide Communication Network of the Halle Orphan- House/ Thomas
Muller-Bahlke ( Halle) pp.57-80; The State of Denmark in 1705 / Dan H.
Andersen ( Copenhagen) pp. 81-88; The Realm of Grace Presupposes the Realm
of Power. The Danish Debate about Theological Legitimacy of Mission / Jens
Glebe-Moller (Copenhagen) pp. 89-106; The Society for promoting Christian
Knowledge and the Missionary Movement in Britain / Andrew F. Walls
(Edinburgh) pp. 107- 128; The Church of England and the Mission in India /
Daniel O, Connor (Balmullo) pp.129-140 Part II: The Danish -Halle Mission in
Tranquebar: Introduction / Andreas Gross (Chennai) pp.141-146; Tranquebar in
1706 / Martin Krieger (Rostock) pp.147-160; The Mission's Relationship to
the Danes ( Andreas Norgaard ( Gesten) pp.161-208; The First Lutheran Indian
Christians in Tranquebar / Hugald  Grafe (Hildesheim) pp.209-228;  The
Churches of Tranquebar in the Danish Period 1620-1845 Karin Kryger
(Copenhagen) pp. 229-264; The  Danish Church Order in Tranquebar and its
Longevity /  Niels-Peter Moritzen ( Erlangen) pp.265-274; The Tranquebar Box
Medal from Augsburg /  Jorgen Clauson -Kaas ( Galten) 275-290; Part III: The
English-Halle Mission: Introduction ( Andreas Gross ( Chennai) pp. 291-294;
Social and political History of Madras in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth
Centuries: An Overview / Elizabeth Susan Alexander ( Tambaram) pp. 295-310;
Madras and the English -Halle Missionaries ( 1726-1836) /Andreas Gross (
Chennai) pp. 311-344; Ziegenbalg and Madras Hugald Grafe ( Hildesheim) pp.
345-362; Cuddalore in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: A Political
and Social Overview /  Elizabeth Susan Alexander ( Tambaram) pp. 363-380;
Some Aspects of the  English-Halle Mission in Cuddalore (17-1829) / Andreas
Gross ( Chennai) pp.381-406; Bengal in the  Eighteenth Century / Meliita
Waligora  ( Berlin ) pp.407-420; The  First Protestant Missionaries at
Calcutta ( 1758-1798) / Andreas Gross ( Chennai) pp.421-440;  The Context of
the Mission in Tanjavur and Tiruchirappalli Districts / Geoffrey A . Oddie
(Sydney) pp. 441-470; Raja-Guru and Sishiya-Satriar: Christian Friedrich
Schwartz and his Legacy in Tanjavur / Robert Eric Frykenberg (Wisconsin,
Madison) pp. 471-496; History of Protestant Christianity in Tirunelveli /
Job Thomas (Davidson, NY) pp.497-525

Volume II: Christian Mission in the Indian Context: Part IV: Missionaries,
Women and Indian Pastors: Introduction / Andreas Gross (Chennai) pp. 529 -
532; Errors, Legends and Uncertainties in Ziegenbalg's Biography / Hugald
Grafe (Hildesheim) pp. 533-546; Heinrich Plutschau: The Man in Ziegenbalg's
Shadow / Matin Tamcke (Gottingen) pp. 547-566; Benjamin Schultze- Childhood
and Youth / Kurt Liebau (Berlin) pp. 567; Oluf Maderup - A Danish Missionary
in Tranquebar / Jobst Reller (Hermannsburg) pp. 595-610; Christian Friedrich
Schwartz and the Muslims  / Sigvard von Sicard ( Birmingham) pp.611-630;
Schwartz and his Contribution to Mission  today / Richard H. Bliese (
Wisconsin) pp. 631-644;  Ringeltaube in the Midst of the Natives 1813 and
the Narratives of Distress / Susan Visvanthan ( New Delhi) pp.645-658;  Raja
Clarinda - Widow, Concubine, Patroness: Women's Leadership in the Indian
Church / Eliza Pabst ( Halle); Maria Dorothea Ziegenbalg and Utilia
Elisabeth Grundler: The First Two of Missionaries in Tranquebar ( Andreas
Gross ( Chennai) pp.705-718; The Indian Pastors in the Danish-Halle and the
English-Halle Mission / Heike Liebau ( Berlin) pp. 719-736. Part V:
Encounter with other Christians: Introduction / Andreas Gross ( Chennai)
pp.737-742; The Moravian Brethren and the Danish-halle Mission in Tranquebar
- the 'Garden of the Brothers' at the Centre of the European Conflict /
Thomas Ruhland ( Berlin) pp.743-766; Lutherans and Anglicans in South India
/ Daniel O'Connor ( Balmullo) pp.767-782; The First Encounters between
Catholics and Lutherans on Indian Soil / Leonard Fernando, S.J. ( New Delhi)
pp.783-796; Bartholomaus Ziegenbalg, the Tranquebar Mission and ' The Roman
Horror' / Will Sweetman ( Otago) pp. 797-812; Lutheran Contacts with Syrian
Orthodox Church of the St. Thomas Church of the East in India ( Nestorians)
? Martin Tamcke (Gottingen) pp.831-880. Part VI: Mission and Hinduism:
Introduction / Geffrey A.Oddie (Sydney) pp.881-884; Christian Missionaries
and their Perceptions of Hinduism: Intercultural Encounters / Hans -Jorg
Hinze (Berlin) pp.885-902; The Prehistory of Orientalism: Colonialism and
the Textual Basis for Batholomaus Ziegenbalg's Account of Hinduism / Will
Sweetman (Otago) pp.923-950; Singer of the 'Sovereign Lord': Hindu Pietism
and Christian Bhakti in Conversions of Kanapati Vattiyar, a Tamil 'Poet' /
Richard Fox Young (Princeton, New Jersey) and Daniel Jeyraj ( Newton,
Masschussetts) pp.951-972; Christianity, Missionary Orientalism and the
Origins of Tamil Modernity / Ravindiran Vaitheespara ( Manitoba, Winnipeg)

Volume III: Communication between India and Europe: Part VII: Science,
Language and Education: Introduction / Keike Liebau ( Berlin) pp.1021-1024;
Mission , Encounters and Transnational History- Reflections on the Use of
Concepts across Cultures / Moica Juneja ( Hannover)  pp.1025-1046; German
Indologists Avant la Lettre: Changing Horizons of the Halle Missionaries in
Southern India / Hanco Jurgens ( Nijmegen) pp.1047-1090; Physico-Theology as
Mission Strategy: Missionary Christoph Samuel John's (1746-1813)
Understanding of Nature / Karsten Hommel ( Halle) pp.1115-1134; Tamil
Medical Science as Perceived by the Missionaries of the Danish -Halle
Mission at Tranquebar / Josef N. Neumann ( Halle) pp.1135-1154;  Linguistic
Variations in Everday Life: The  Portuguese Language in the Protestant
Mission of Eighteenth Century South East India / Stefan Pfander ( Freiburg)
and Alessandra Castilho Ferreira da Costa ( Sa Paulo) pp.1155-1162; The
Contribution of Benjamin Schultze to Telugu Language and Learning / Ada
Satyanarayana ( Hyderabad) pp.1163-1180; Faith and Knowledge: The
Educational System of the Danish-Halle and English -Halle Mssion / Heike
Liebau ( Berlin) pp.1181-1216. Part VIII: Correspondence and Publications:
Introduction / Andreas Gross (Chennai) pp. 1217-1220; Cultural
Delimitations: The Letters and Reports of Bartholomaus Ziegenbalg / Rekha
Kamath Rajan (New Delhi) pp.1221-1240; Giving India the printed Word /
Subbiah Muthiah (Chennai) pp.1241-1248; Heathenism, Idolatry and Rational
Monotheism among the Hindus: Xiegenbalg's / Akkiyanam (1713) and other works
Addressed to Tamil Hindus / Will Sweetman (Otago) pp.1249-1276, The Mission
Instruction / Andrers Norgaard ( Gesten) pp.1277-1282; The Bovingh
Controversy / Niels-Peter  Morizen ( Erlangen) pp.1283-1288; An Anglican
Chaplain and the Lutheran Mission / Geoffrey A. Oddie ( Sydney)
pp.1289-1294;  Aaron-the First Indian Pastor /Heike Liebau ( Berlin),
pp.1295-1298;  Johann Philipp Fabricius and the History of the Tamil Bible/
Rekha Kamath Rajan ( New Delhi), pp.1299-1308; The Indian Miracle-Worker in
the Garden of Species. Christoph Samuel John's Notes on South Indian
Folk-Religiosity / Andreas Nehring (Erlangen), pp.1309-13222; Christoph
Samuel John's Essay on Education Policy / Heike Liebau ( Berlin)

Appendix I: Sources

Introduction / Andreas Gross ( Chennai) pp. 1335-1336; 01 Royal Appointment
and Instructions to the First Missionaries, pp.1337-1348; 02. Bartholomaus
Ziegenbalg to August Hermann Francke, pp.1341-1346; 03. Early Letters from
the Danish Governor at Tranquebar, pp.1347-1352; 04. August Hermannn Fracke
to the Congregation at Tranquebar, pp. 1353-1358; 05. Preface of Bovingh's
Book, pp.1359-1362; 06. Maria Dorothea Ziegenbalg to her Mother,
pp.1363-1366; 07. Letter from William Stevenson, Chaplain at Madras,
pp.1367-1378; 08. Mar Thoma to Mr. Carolus, pp.1379-1382; 09.Chronological
List of Books published at Tranquebar 1712-1731; pp.1383-1390; 10.
Instructions for the English Missionaries, pp.1391-1400; 11. Biography of
pastor Aaron, pp.1401-1416; 12. Johann Philipp Fabricius to Gotthilf August
Francke, pp.1417-1428;  13. Christian Friedrich Schwartz to Johann Georg
Knapp, pp.1429-1432; 14. Johann Zacharius Kiernander on the State of  the
Mission in Calcutta, pp.1433-1438; 15. Letter of the English Missionaries in
Madras, pp.1439-1442; 16. Christoph Samuel John: 'Story of a Miracle
Worker', pp.1443-1452; 17. Bartholomaus Ziegenbalg:" The Abomination of
Paganism, and the Way for Pagans to be Saved, pp.1453-1466; 18. Christoph
Samuel John: ' On Indian Civilization', pp.1467-1494

Appendix II: Short Biographies
Introduction / Jurrgen/ Andreas Gross, pp.14951496; Missionaries of the
Danish -Halle and English -Halle Mission in India 1706-1844/ Jurgen Gorsch
(Halle), pp.1497-1528; The Wives of Missionaries 1715-1838 / Erika Pabst
(Halle), pp.1529-1542; Indian pastors 1733-1817 / Heike Liebau (Berlin),
pp.1543-1550; The Directors of the Francke Foundations 1698-1851/ Jurgen
Grosch (Halle), pp.1551-1556; Lutheran Chaplains in London /Jurgen Gorsch
(Halle), pp.1557-1560; Secretaries of the Society for Promoting Christian
Knowledge (SPCK) 1699-1743 / Daniel O'Connor ( Balmullo), pp.1561-1564;
Secretaries of the Mission Board in Copenhagen 1714-1868 /Andreas Norgaard
(Gesten), pp. 1565-1570

Appendix III: List of Missionaries of the Danish-Halle and English-Halle
Mission / Andreas Gross (Chennai), pp.1571-1572; Missionaries of the
English-Halle Mission / Andreas Gross ( Chennai), pp.1573-1574"

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