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At present Sanskrit is taught in many Italian Universities. The name of
the subject may vary, from "Sanskrit Language and Literature" to
"Indology". In Milan is taught by Giuliano Boccali (State Univ.) and by
Paolo Magnone (Catholic Univ.). In Venice is taught by Antonio Rigopoulos;
in Bologna by Alex Passi; in Pisa by Saverio Sani; in Rome by Raffaele
Torella; in Naples by Francesco Sferra; in Cagliari by Anna Radicchi and
by Tiziana Pontillo; in Florence by Fabrizia Baldissera; in Palermo by
Agata Sannino Pellegrini. In Turin it is taught as an elementary course by
Alberto Pelissero, Fac. of Humanities, and as an advanced course by
Stefano Piano, same Fac. Sorry if I have forgotten anyone.
With best wishes,
Alberto Pelissero, Ph.D.
Prof. of Sanskrit Language and Literature and of History and civilization
of India
Fac. of Humanities
Dept. of Oriental Studies
University of Torino

> "Helsinki Institute" sounds somewhat funny. The Institute is part of
> the University of Helsinki. In Italy at least Naples, Florence, Milano
> and Venice should be added, probably also Turin and Macerata. In Poland
> Sanskrit is actively studied and taught at the universities of Warsaw,
> Cracow and Wroclaw. In Russia St.Petersburg is missing. I am not
> certain, but I think Oscar Pujol is teaching in Barcelona. Further
> possibilities are at least Vilnius and Bucuresti.
> What is Indian  School in Oman? The link given opens KALIDASA -
> SAMSKRITA - KENDRAM in Kanchi. There is also a Sanskrit Department in
> Dhaka in Bangladesh. And Tokyo, of course.
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