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I am forwarding to the list a question from Elizabeth Anderson (elizabeth_enchant at YAHOO.CO.UK).  Interested members may want to write to her directly.

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Subject: Duryodhana's  dice game / THE GAME OF DICE
       I would like to know as to how  THE GAME OF DICE /  Duryodhana's  dice game  from The Mahabharata  was played ?   What type of game did Shakuni and Yudhishthir play -  what type of board game  was it ? and  how many throws of dice it took  for a turn of the game to be completed  and how many turns of the game were  there .  It is also stated that the game was already rigged by Shakuni - how was the game already rigged , were the dice connected with  magic  or were  the dice loaded with weights. I would also like to know how did the dice look like , how many numbers or back spots were there on each side of the dice and how many dice were  used in the game .
                                       Any information regarding how it is played ie the technique of the game would be appreciated by me dearly .
                                        Looking forward to your answer soon. Thank you very much.  
                                                                                                      Yours sincerely,

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