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Irene Good (Harvard) has extensively researched this:

different moth than the Chinese one, different feeding (Himalayan) 
plant, cocoons (kauzeya!) cut and left by moth before "harvesting', 
thus no boiling of live moths (how fitting!),  etc etc.

By the way, India silk  (kauzeya = kauśeya ) is clearly distinguished 
from Chinese one (ciina-paTTa = cīnapaṭṭa)
See Mbh, Arthashastra etc.

I can provide Iren'e email if you write me privately.


On Jan 19, 2007, at 8:37 AM, Patrick Olivelle wrote:

> A friend of mine has inquired about a book dealing with the history of 
> silk in India. Can any one help? Thanks.
> Patrick
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