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below are some monographic references, and a short list of some journal 
articles (culled from the online Bibliography of Asian Studies) that might 
be useful.   David Magier

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> A friend of mine has inquired about a book dealing with the history of
> silk in India. Can any one help? Thanks.
> Patrick


Silk and empire /
  Author:      King, Brenda M.
  Manchester ; New York : Manchester University Press, 2005

Life and times of Cantoo Baboo (Krisna Kanta Nandy), the banian of Warren 
Hastings: period covered, 1742-1804 /
  Author:      Nandi, Somendracandra
  Bombay :     Allied, 1978-1981

The changing fortunes of the Bengal silk industry, 1757-1833 /
  Author:      Bag, Sailendra Kumar
  Howrah :     S.K. Bag, 1989

Reviving a rural industry : silk producers and officials in India and 
Bangladesh, 1880s to 1980s /
  Author:      Schendel, Willem van.
  Dhaka :      University Press Ltd., 1995

The story of Kassimbazar silk merchants and commerce in the eighteenth 
century /
  Author:      Mukherjee, Rila.
  Calcutta :   Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, 1988

Merchants and companies in Bengal : Kasimbazar and Jugdia in the eighteenth 
century /
  Author:      Mukherjee, Rila
  New Delhi :  Pragati Publications, 2006


"The role of pykars in the silk industry of Bengal (c. 1765-1830)"
Author:	 Bhadra, Gautam
Journal:  Studies in History (New Delhi)
Vol:	 3, no.2 (Jul-Dec, 1987)
Page(s):	 155-185

"The role of Pykars in the silk industry of Bengal (c.1765-1830)" - 
Author:	 Bhadra, Gautam
Journal: Studies in History (New Delhi)
Vol:	 4, nos.1-2 (Jan-Dec, 1988)
Page(s):	 1-35

"Silk filature and silk production: technological development in the early 
colonial context 1768-1833"
Author:	 Bhadra, Gautam
In: Kumar, Deepak, ed. Science and empire: essays in Indian context 
(1700-1947). Delhi: Anamika Prakashan, 1991. 205p.
Page(s):	 59-86

"The Tasar silk industry and its decline in Bengal and south Bihar: 
Author:	 Chatterjee, Ruma
Journal:  Indian Historical Review (New Delhi)
Vol:	 17, nos.1-2 (Jul-Jan, 1990-1991)
Page(s):	 174-192

"Birbhum silk industry: a study of its growth to decline"
Author:	 Gupta, Ranjan Kumar
Journal: Indian Economic and Social History Review (Delhi)
Vol:	 17, no.2 (Apr-Jun, 1980)
Page(s):	 211-226

"Inter-Asian competition in the world silk market: 1859-1929 [India, China 
and Japan]"
Author:	 Kaneko, Shinsuke
In: Latham, A.J.H.; Kawakatsu, Heita, eds. Intra-Asian trade and the world 
market. London; New York: Routledge, 2006. xxi, 242p. (Routledge studies in 
the modern history of Asia)
Page(s):	 75-91

"The silk trade of Krisnakanta Nandy 1772-1780"
Author:	 Nandy, Somendra Chandra
Journal:  Bengal Past and Present (Calcutta)
Vol:	 95, pt.2 (Jul-Dec, 1976)
Page(s):	 292-307

"The silk industry in Bengal during colonial rule: the 
'de-industrialisation' thesis revisited"
Author:	 Ray, Indrajit
Journal:  Indian Economic and Social History Review (Delhi)
Vol:	 42, no.3 (Jul-Sep, 2005)
Page(s):	 339-375

"Indian silk fabrics in the seventeenth century"
Author:	 Sangar, S.P.
Journal: Punjab History Conference: Proceedings (Patiala)
Vol:	 9th (1975)
Page(s):	 50-63

"The silk-weavers of Mandsaur in a sociological perspective"
Author:	 Shah, K.K.
Journal: Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay (Bombay)
Vol:	 67-68 (1992-1993)
Page(s):	 219-226

"Silk in northeastern and eastern India: the indigenous tradition"
Author:	 Varadarajan, Lotika
Journal: Modern Asian Studies (London)
Vol:	 22, pt.3 (Jul 1988)
Page(s):	 561-570

"Silk culture in Western India: the 'mutti experiment' (1830-47)"
Author:	 Zanier, Claudio
Journal: Indian Economic and Social History Review (Delhi)
Vol:	 21, no.4 (Oct-Dec 1984)
Page(s):	 463-497

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