Fourth International Vedic Workshop

Joel Brereton jpb at UTS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU
Tue Jan 16 15:17:32 UTC 2007

Dear Colleagues,

	Our apologies to those who have already received notice or 
who have seen this post on another list, but we want to be sure that 
everyone is aware of the Fourth International Vedic Workshop, which 
will take place in Austin, Texas, at The University of Texas, from 
Thursday, May 24 through Sunday, May 27, 2007.  This conference will 
bring together scholars from different countries across the world and 
provide a forum for them to share their research and to explore new 
approaches to the study of the Vedas.  In accordance with the theme 
of the conference, "The Vedas in Culture and History," we invite 
papers that explore the relation of Vedic texts to the social and 
political history of the Vedic period, to religious movements of 
early India, to various facets of material and intellectual culture 
in India, and to the later traditions of India.  That is to say, we 
invite papers not only on the Veda itself but also on the Vedic 
tradition and the relation between the Veda and other aspects of 
Indic culture.
	We have now established a website for the conference, which 
you can access at  The 
website provides complete information concerning the workshop and its 
practicalities, such as submission of abstracts, registration, and 
the venue for the conference.  In brief, early registration will be 
available through February 28, 2007 and regular registration through 
May 23.  Abstracts submitted by February 1 will receive notification 
concerning acceptance before the early registration deadline.  The 
final date for submission of abstracts is March 1.  Registration for 
the workshop is now available online through a secure link on the 
website.  If you have any difficulty accessing the website or if this 
method of online registration is not possible for you, please contact 
Joel Brereton (jpb at  We can arrange to send 
registration materials and other information by regular mail.
	We are planning to schedule sessions of the workshop from 
Thursday morning through Sunday evening, so we hope that participants 
will be able arrive on Wednesday, May 23, and depart on Monday, May 
28.  For additional information, you are welcome to contact either 
Patrick Olivelle (jpo at or Joel Brereton at the 
University of Texas.

Patrick Olivelle and Joel Brereton

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