More oil on the fire?

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Wed Jan 10 09:02:10 UTC 2007

Dear Professor Silk,
there may indeed have been a misunderstanding on my part, and if so, I would have 
to apologize. A "discussion at a cocktail party" - why didn't I think of that in the first 
place? That would allow us to easily pass from one subject to another, taking a 
quick glance at this and that instead of struggling with "arguments", "evidence" and 
all that!

Let me assure you that I didn't see any veiled attack in your comments, and I 
certainly don't take anyone for a fool, as you insinuate, especially not if I don't even 
know the person.

So may I sum up that you have "no particular claim at all" to make concerning the 
issue I'm trying to debate here? Then I could move on to other things.

Reinhold Grünendahl


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