Indology and "the disastrous ideology of the 'pure Aryan race'"

Roland Steiner steiner at MAILER.UNI-MARBURG.DE
Tue Jan 9 18:24:11 UTC 2007

Jan Houben wrote:

> I am happy to note that no one less than Dr. Ronald Steiner

Dear Jan,
You are probably refering to me, "Roland", to suggest a contextually  
philological conjecture. In that case, I missed the argument involved  
here when you say "no one less than", I'm afraid. Is indeed another  
more estimated person than myself intended?

> has now  stepped forward to give a clear and convincing answer to  
> Dr.  Gruenendahl's first question.

If you don't mind, I would like to encourage you to do as philologists do:

First, re-read and try to understand Reinhold Grünendahls first  
question exactly (esp. his last sentence: "where do these relations  
surface in indological writings of that period?"). For a better  
understanding, it could be helpful to re-read questions nos. 2 and 3,  
Second, read your insinuation with regard to Grünendahl's article  
exactly ("your well-documented and cleverly argued article liberating  
each and every German indologist of the 1900-1945 period from any  
possible association with the German government and its disastrous  
ideology of the pure Aryan race") in order to understand my response  
properly. It could also be advisable to re-read Grünendahl's article.  
Finally, you should say that your insinuation has been against the  
written facts.
Third, read and try to understand my "step forward", as you say, in  
the light of your new understanding once again. To give you an  
interpretatory hint: I showed that your characterisation of  
Grünendahl's article ("liberating each and every German indologist  
...") goes against the written facts. Further, in that email, I said  
nothing about where relations between Indologists and the German  
government surfaced in indological (!) writings of the Nazi period.

With kind regards,
Roland Steiner

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