Indology and "the disastrous ideology of the 'pure Aryan race'"

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that's a deal!
  satyam eva jayate.

gruenendahl <gruenen at MAIL.SUB.UNI-GOETTINGEN.DE> wrote:
  Dear Jan,
There is a nice saying by F. Max Müller (1872):
"Wer nicht der Wahrheit die Ehre geben, wer nicht offen sagen kann, 'ich habe mich
geirrt', in dem wohnt der wahre Geist der Wissenschaft nicht."

The somewhat inadequate English translation (1888):
"Whoever cannot yield to the voice of truth, whoever cannot say, ' I was wrong',
knows little as yet of the true spirit of science."

Our positions being as they are, there may come a point where one of us will have
to say he was wrong. Can we agree to say it then?


As for the delay in my reply, there is a very profane reason I hesitate to mention,
but I'm confident it will not be long now!



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