Making the Argument for Sanskrit : a Real Problem and Directions for a Solution

Walter Slaje slaje at T-ONLINE.DE
Thu Jan 4 09:42:00 UTC 2007

> In other words, ... but as a necessary
> inhouse exercise, not only political aspects of
> Indology's past are to be addressed, but also the
> scholarly, scientific and comparative problematic
> phenomena themselves, whether real or not, that
> were once conveniently explained by convenient
> myths -- myths which are still quite alive ...

Jan, if you mean this serious, then I fail to
understand why you are referring to the myths
created by "Deep Orientalism" and by papers of
others' along such lines as almost dogmatically
true? In light of Gruenendahl's latest study on
the subject, not much remains of the accusations
put forward there. In fact, he debunks them as
myths in a meticulously sober, scholarly manner.

Before the issue is being carried on any further
in the way it just seems to be getting started, I
strongly recommend first to study Gruenendahl's
arguments closely, and only then revert to this
subject in the present Sanskrit context, or leave

R. Gruenendahl, Von der Indologie zum
Die Kontinuitaetskonstrukte Sheldon Pollock's und
seiner Epigonen im Lichte ihrer Beweisfuehrung.
In: Jaina-ItihAsa-Ratna. Festschrift fuer Gustav
Roth zum 80. Geburtstag. Hrsg. v. U. Huesken, P.
Kieffer-Puelz und A. Peters. Marburg: Indica et
Tibetica Verlag 2006: 209-236.

Best, Walter

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