SARDS 2 (12,000+)

Walter Slaje slaje at T-ONLINE.DE
Sun Feb 18 23:34:00 UTC 2007

South Asia Research Documentation Services (SARDS)2 (12,000+)

It gives me great pleasure to announce the completion of the first
major update of SARDS 2, less than one year after its launch in
spring 2006. The present update consists of approximately 12,000
additional entries closing gaps of research articles in the fields of
Indian philosophy (Brahmin, Buddhist, Jaina), Sastric literature and
Sanskrit philology. All in all, about 68,000 fully indexed citations
become searchable by now:

It deserves to be emphasized that the credit for this gigantic
achievement goes to the untiring industriousness of one solo data
combatant, Andreas Pohlus ("action, no talk"), and to the Helmuth von
Glasenapp-Foundation ( for their
financial support.

So far, SARDS has been accessed to almost 18,000 times, but hardly
anybody has actively contributed to it ("talk, no action" - M.
Those who might want to take part in improving on SARDS2 by way of an
informal cooperation are requested to inform themselves about the
(very few) preconditions and (easily fulfillable) requirements under
"Add (your entry)".

In this sense:
Enjoy your search, donate your data!

Walter Slaje

Prof Dr Walter Slaje
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Ego ex animi mei sententia spondeo ac polliceor
me studia humanitatis impigro labore culturum et provecturum
non sordidi lucri causa nec ad vanam captandam gloriam,
sed quo magis veritas propagetur et lux eius, qua salus
humani generis continetur, clarius effulgeat.
Vindobonae, die XXI. mensis Novembris MCMLXXXIII.

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