Criticism of Steve Farmer's editorship

Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at CHELLO.NO
Thu Feb 8 15:16:55 UTC 2007

Dear members of the Indology list,
it should be noted that the Indo-Eurasia list has three editors who share a
basic common editorial policy. The list has 750 members (approximately), and
as far as I can see, there is little controversy concerning the style of
moderation. Some controversy will always have to be expected on a list which
functions partly according to the editorial principles of a
newspaper/journal, but personally I have received few protests concerning
editorial matters. 
The moderators try to keep a reasonably high academic level and to avoid
unnecessary clutter from amateurs and people with political agendas. This is
the most important reason why the list is moderated. We also try to organize
debates by defining threads that people are encouraged to follow up. 
Steve Farmer is not a member of the Indology list, and it is therefore
unfortunate that he is being personally attacked on this list where he
cannot defend himself. A debate on editorial principles is always welcome,
but I suggest that such a debate concerning the Indo-Eurasia list should be
conducted there, or at least on a list where both parties to the controversy
are members. 
Best regards,
Lars Martin Fosse
Co-editor of the Indo-Eurasia list

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