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Best to you and Minoo as well. I think you mistakenly posted this  
message to Indology.


On 24 Dec  2007, at 9:02 AM, tccahill wrote:

> Dear Rosane,
>   Sorry that I haven't been able to catch you on the phone.
> I tried a few times this week and once about a month back
> but without success. Also sorry to hear the news about
> Walter Maurer. After talking to you and Ludo last time I
> realized he probably wouldn't be with us much longer.  Is
> Geraldine now in an institution somewhere?  I really can't
> imagine her on her own.
>   Minoo and I are well settled here in Pondicherry. This is
> a great place to get work done and fairly comfortable to
> live, also.  I have enjoyed meeting Dominic Goodall
> --recently finished going through his Raghuvamsa edition.
> That a very fine piece of scholarship and I'm glad to see
> that he and Harunaga will be getting the second volume out
> soon.  I've also struck up a relationship with Anjaneya
> Sarma, a vaiyakarana from Andhra Pradesh. We have several
> common acquantainces from Vizag, Rajahmundry and Vijaywada.
> We're planning to read some Alamkarasastra texts soon,
> together with some grammar, I'm sure!  Francois Grimal is
> another grammar scholar affiliated with the institute. I
> wasn't aware of his work on Bhavabhuti, nor aware that he is
> now working on the Kavyadarpana --a 17th century alamkara
> text. We plan to compare notes on our Jagannatha and
> Rajacudamani diksita some time soon.
>   We will be touring Delhi, Agra and Jaipur with Minoo's
> sister Maryam from the 28th to Jan. 2. (A real whirlwind
> tour!) I'll bring a book or two, but I'm not optimistic
> about getting much work done. One good thing is that I've
> already updated my Alamakarasastra bibliography, and revised
> the introduction and notes to the RG. So it's been a
> productive time so far.  Minoo leaves for Iran in mid-Jan.
> and I'll be heading out of India (somewhere) shortly after
> that. (I have to leave and return to avoid visa
> complications.)
>   I imagine that the two of you are socked away in the
> Poconos looking at snow. Wish I could have talked to you on
> the phone --*before* the recent Eagles-Saints game, of
> course!
>   Minoo and I send our very best to you for the New Year!
> Perhaps we will be able to fit in a trip to Philadelphia on
> our way back down to New Orleans this summer.
> With warmest thoughts,
> Tim

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