Happy Holiday!

tccahill tccahill at LOYNO.EDU
Mon Dec 24 14:02:36 UTC 2007

Dear Rosane,

   Sorry that I haven't been able to catch you on the phone.
 I tried a few times this week and once about a month back
but without success. Also sorry to hear the news about
Walter Maurer. After talking to you and Ludo last time I
realized he probably wouldn't be with us much longer.  Is
Geraldine now in an institution somewhere?  I really can't
imagine her on her own.

   Minoo and I are well settled here in Pondicherry. This is
a great place to get work done and fairly comfortable to
live, also.  I have enjoyed meeting Dominic Goodall
--recently finished going through his Raghuvamsa edition.
That a very fine piece of scholarship and I'm glad to see
that he and Harunaga will be getting the second volume out
soon.  I've also struck up a relationship with Anjaneya
Sarma, a vaiyakarana from Andhra Pradesh. We have several
common acquantainces from Vizag, Rajahmundry and Vijaywada.
We're planning to read some Alamkarasastra texts soon,
together with some grammar, I'm sure!  Francois Grimal is
another grammar scholar affiliated with the institute. I
wasn't aware of his work on Bhavabhuti, nor aware that he is
now working on the Kavyadarpana --a 17th century alamkara
text. We plan to compare notes on our Jagannatha and
Rajacudamani diksita some time soon.

   We will be touring Delhi, Agra and Jaipur with Minoo's
sister Maryam from the 28th to Jan. 2. (A real whirlwind
tour!) I'll bring a book or two, but I'm not optimistic
about getting much work done. One good thing is that I've
already updated my Alamakarasastra bibliography, and revised
the introduction and notes to the RG. So it's been a
productive time so far.  Minoo leaves for Iran in mid-Jan.
and I'll be heading out of India (somewhere) shortly after
that. (I have to leave and return to avoid visa

   I imagine that the two of you are socked away in the
Poconos looking at snow. Wish I could have talked to you on
the phone --*before* the recent Eagles-Saints game, of

   Minoo and I send our very best to you for the New Year!
Perhaps we will be able to fit in a trip to Philadelphia on
our way back down to New Orleans this summer.

With warmest thoughts,

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