Planned journal volume on Dreams and Visions

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I am only helping the editors mentioned below in spreading word about what
seems to be a well-conceived and timely volume. All inquiries should be
directed to the editors. Sorry for any repeated postings of the announcement
that may come your way.

--- ashok aklujkar

Dreams and Visions in the Indo-Mediterranean world

Dear Colleagues,
the Board of Editors of the new interdisciplinary journal Quaderni di Studi
Indo-Mediterranei is soliciting contributions to its second, thematic
volume, scheduled to appear in 2009. This issue will contain about twenty
essays addressing any aspects of onirology and visionarism to be gathered
under the title «Dreams and Visions».
Possible topics, to be approached either comparatively and/or thematically,
·     treatises of onirology and their Œmigration¹ from Antiquity to the
Islamic world to Medieval Europe;
·     all aspects of Indo-Iranian onirological and visionary/imaginal
·     all aspects of dreaming as a divinatory art;
·     all aspects of dreaming in its relashionship to visions and/or
·     all aspects of the imaginal (as defined by Corbin) and its presence in
literature and the arts;
·     ancient and medieval dreams in their relashionship to mythology;
·     ancient and medieval dreams in their relashionship to psychoanalysis;
All aspects of literature, the visual arts, philosophy, theology, history of
religions and/or cultures are welcome.
Please send proposals for essays (250 to 350 words) accompanied by a short
bio-bibliography and the titles of works to be treated in the proposed essay
to: daniela.boccassini at and carlo.saccone at
by: March 15, 2008.
Quaderni di Studi Indo-Mediterranei accepts proposals and essays in all
major European languages.
The editors of the volume will strive for a balanced and diversified table
of contents. They will confirm accepted submissions by May 15, 2008.
Subsequently, the final deadline for submitting the complete essays will be
October 15, 2008.
The journal Quaderni di Studi Indo-Mediterranei is based at the University
of Bologna, Italy, and is supported by ASTREA (Associazione di Studi e
Ricerche Euro-Asiatiche). Editor in Chief: Carlo Saccone; Board of Editors:
Alessandro Grossato, Carlo Saccone, Ermanno Visintainer.
The journal counts among its editorial associates world-renowned specialists
hailing from major European and North American Universities. Quaderni di
Studi Indo-Mediterranei aims to establish a high profile in comparative
studies and is committed to the highest standards of peer-reviewed

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