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Asko Parpola asko.parpola at HELSINKI.FI
Fri Dec 21 08:10:50 UTC 2007

Dear colleagues, 

While I forward Sophie's appeal I take this opportunity to wish you all 
Happy Christmas and New Year 2008. With best regards, Asko Parpola

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    From: Sophie Mery <sophie.mery at mae.u-paris10.fr>
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 Subject: For Asko: e-petition to save French research
      To: Asko Parpola <asko.parpola at helsinki.fi>

Dear  Asko,

Due to prospective government's decision, we already face difficult time 
for research in France, especially at CNRS.

You will find an e-petition in English, from "Sauvons la Recherche" 
Association, proposing an alternative reform of the French higher education 
and research system on the following WEB site :


We need many international signatures from researchers, to help us build 
pressure on the French Government in order to have better conditions for 
discussion of an alternative reform.

To sign the petition you must go on the following page, with the text in
French :


on the right side of that page
you can enter your Name, Departement, e-mail etc.
Then press the button called "valider".

You will receive after a short while a e-mail of "Sauvons la recherche"
Association saying that you signed the petition.

Please sign this e-petition as and send it as soon as possible  to other 
researchers at the Smithsonian and other American Departments and 
Universities. This is the beginning of our action but again, your help is 
needed from the beginning.

Dr Sophie Méry
CNRS- Laboratory ArScan (UMR 7041)
Maison de l'archéologie et de l'ethnologie
21 allée de l'Université
92023 Nanterre cedex-France

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Asko Parpola
Institute for Asian and African Studies
POB 59 (Unioninkatu 38 B)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland

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