Paul G. Hackett ph2046 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Thu Dec 20 16:58:48 UTC 2007

At 5:04 PM +0100 12/20/07, Arlo Griffiths wrote:
>Does anyone know the up-to-date URL's for the site 
><http://www.rism.cn> and esp. the 'Paleaography Section' to which
>gives further links?

The main site was live as recently as this past Spring, but both that 
site <http://www.rism.cn> and its linked site ('Paleography') 
<http://sfl.pku.edu.cn/sanskrit/pale.htm> now appear to be dead.  You 
can however, access some of the main pages of RISM via the Internet 
Archive's "WaybackMachine" at:


and in particular:


The <http://sfl.pku.edu.cn/sanskrit/pale.htm> page does *not* appear 
to have been archived, however.

Paul Hackett
Columbia University

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