Two competing 13th cent. opinions on the word "niir" (water) in Tamil and Sanskrit (Re: Nira-Narsingpur Narasimha, Lakmii-n.rsi.mha-sahasra-naaman

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Sun Dec 9 09:53:15 UTC 2007

Dear Jean-Luc,

Sorry. Being on a short lecture tour at present, I could not so far
acknowledge your most interesting post. Rarely does one come across such
clearly matching instances of an ancient discussion regarding a short word
or relatively minor linguistic detail. Thanks for sharing your knowledge
with me. When I return to my home library, I will read the precise
translation of the precious passage to which you kindly refer.

With best wishes,


On 12/7/07 10:45 AM, "Jean-Luc Chevillard"
<jean-luc.chevillard at UNIV-PARIS-DIDEROT.FR> wrote:>
> Ceen_aavaraiyar (Ce-n_a-varaiyar),
> a 13th (or 14th ?) century grammarian
> had to deal with two competing opinions on the word niir (ni-r).

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