The word uttara in the titles of texts, particularly "saiva tantras

Michael Slouber mjslouber at BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Aug 22 16:10:51 UTC 2007

Dear Indology members,

   I am working on a "saiva gaaru.da-/bhuutatantra text called the
kriyaakaalagu.nottara, and am trying to understand the title,
particularly the final member of the compound, uttara.  Thus far I can
see three main possibilities:

1.  uttara as a generic honorific appended in the sense of 'The Higher
(tantra) of ...'

2.  uttara as a parinipaata only with, in the sense of 'The Higher
Qualities (of)...'

3. in this context of a conversation between "Siva and Kaarttikeya, uttara
in the sense of 'reply (concerning)...'

I would be grateful for any feedback in this matter and/or other possible
interpretations I have missed.


Michael Slouber
UC Berkeley

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