Second cry for help

Michael Hahn hahn.m at T-ONLINE.DE
Thu Aug 2 10:37:32 UTC 2007

Dear colleagues,

I plan to publish a new edition of a niti work called Prajnadanda. It is
(wrongly attributed to Nagarjuna and available only in its Tibetan
translation. Over the years I was able to identify 172 of its 260
stanzas in Indian niti works. In 2003 I published a paper in Archiv
Orientalni entitled "Cry for Help." There I presented the 88 as yet
unidentified stanzas together with a English translation. I had hoped
that this would stimulate the identification of some more original
stanzas. However, so far there was no reaction at all although I sent
off-prints to several very learned colleagues.

I have now deposited a pdf file of the paper on the server of my
university. It can be downloaded from my home page:

The link is placed after the bibliographical data of paper No. 81.

I should be very much obliged if he or she who recognizes a Sanskrit
original behind the English translation of a stanza would communicate
this discovery to me.

The translation of stanza 224 contains a silly mistake: The first line
'das nas 'byung ba la gnas pa'i seems to go back to atiita, bhavi.syat
and pratyutpanna although it is not quite clear to which of the
following expressions it refers. To connect it with the immediately
following mi yi blo makes little sense.

While writing this I fear  that this request will not reach those
colleagues who are most likely to render substantial help because they
don't use e-mail: the traditional Indian panditas.

Michael Hahn

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