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Timothy C. Cahill tccahill at LOYNO.EDU
Fri Apr 13 03:26:19 UTC 2007

     One of my students is interested in researching Hindu perspectives on 
astrology. He is especially concerned with finding critiques of astrology, 
astrologers or astronomy.  We've assembled a basic set of readings that 
will allow him to learn the basics of Indian astronomy/astrology, but I'm 
not confident that those sources (by D. Pingree, M. Yano, Defouw & 
Svoboda, D. Knipe, et al) will provide 'insider' perspectives critical of 
astrology. About the only thing I could think of was Stietencron's article 
("Religious Configurations in Pre-Muslim India...) in the *Representing 
Hinduism* volume, where Somasambhu gives them brief mention.  C. 
Minkowski's "The Pandit as Public Intellectual" is also on the reading 
list, and a colleague has pointed me to an article by Judy Pugh in 
Contributions to Indian Sociology. However, I feel that I've yet to supply 
my student with a source that documents the type of critique that we get 
from someone like Martin Luther in Europe.

     This seems like an excellent topic, but I'm a bit stymied! Any help 
would be much appreciated!  (And apologies for the cross-posting.)

Tim Cahill

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