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Antonio Ferreira-Jardim antonio.jardim at GMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 5 15:19:05 UTC 2007

Dear all,

I feel that this is not the appropriate forum to discuss copyright and
its application under international law. Besides which, I
fundamentally disagree with the underlying philosophical perspective
of Dr Magier, which makes further argumentation (from my perspective
at least) in a forum such as this aimless and possibly annoying to
other readers. That said, it would appear from a legal perspective
that the situation of lawful copyright in India is substantially
different to that in Europe and the USA.

By way of information, India does not seem to be a party to the
relevant international treaties relating to internet access to
copywritten works viz.  'WIPO Copyrights Treaty (WCT)'  and the  'WIPO
Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT)'. By way of reference, the
relevant Indian government website relating to copyright issues is which also contains a link to the
GOI Copyright Act (1957).

Other sample articles of interest relating to this matter in an Indian
context appear here:

Obviously, the legal situation relating to internet reproduction of
materials in the USA, Europe and in other countries signatory to the
WCT & WPPT is quite different from India and I acknowledge this.

Yours sincerely,

Antonio Ferreira-Jardim

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