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There is a brief article on the sresthin by Sheo Bahadur Singh, "Sresthin in Epigraphy", Journal of the Epigraphical Society of India [Bharatiya Purabhilekha Patrika] (Being vol. X of Studies in Indian Epigraphy) Vol. ten: 1993, 104-107. The author also refers, albeit very briefly, to some Buddhist sources.
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Does anyone know of any research that has been done on the figure of
the seTThi or zreSThin, usually translated as 'Treasurer',  in
Buddhist texts?  I am particularly interested in the development in
the Dhammapada commentary, where he in fact seems to function as a
wealthy banker or money-lender (though without the usual negative
connotations of the latter), but with almost magical powers over
money, as a result of kamma/karma in previous lives.

Valerie J Roebuck
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