Pre-William Jones Western commentaries on Sanskrit works

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> * the Jesuit Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo, "well known 
>as Paulinus
> Padiri",  besides his well known works (Sanskrit 
>grammar, etc.), would also
> have written "[a] study on Maagha's /Si/supaalavadha 
> (Celeberranum poem a Maaga Samscrdanum [sic!])".

This one is listed among the unpublished works of Paulinus 
by Leopold Wetzel (1936). See

Wetzel, Leopold: Der österreichische Karmelit Paulinus à 
S. Bartholomaeo: Persönlichkeit und Werk. Wien 1936, p. 97 
(No. 34).

According to Wetzel it belongs to a set of three works:
1. Celeberrimum poema Maga Samscrdam. - 2. De sex divinis 
attributis Carmen sermone Malabarico-samscrdamico contra 
Polytheistas  Indos. - 3. Vita S. M. Theresiae a Jesu 
versibus Samscrdamico-Malabaricis composita a P. Paulino. 

In 1936, when Wetzel wrote his book, the manuscripts were 
stored in the Bibliotheca Vittorio Emanuele (Bibl. 
Nazionale), Roma, and in the Library and Archive of the 
Carmelites in Rome (Wetzel, p. 91)

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