Pre-William Jones Western commentaries on Sanskrit works

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Dear colleagues,

In N.V.P. Unithiri, Studies in Kerala Sanskrit Literature, 2004, Calicut
Sanskrit Series 23, in his chapter on "Christian contribution to Sanskrit
literature of Kerala" (pp. 139-140), I read that

* the Jesuit J.E. Hanxleden "well known as Arnos Padiri in Malayalam",
"[who] studied Sanskrit from two Namboodiris from /Sa;nkaraacaarya's
birth-place, Kaala.ti", besides a Sanskrit grammar and a dictionnary (on
which see J.-C. Muller, BEI 1985, pp. 131-134)  as well as résumés of
several Sanskrit works (what I did not know), would also have written "[a]
Latin work on the celebrated rhyming poem Yudhi.s.thiravijaya",

* the Jesuit Paulinus a Sancto Bartholomaeo, "well known as Paulinus
Padiri",  besides his well known works (Sanskrit grammar, etc.), would also
have written "[a] study on Maagha's /Si/supaalavadha mahaakaavya
(Celeberranum poem a Maaga Samscrdanum [sic!])".

If anybody has more information about one or the other of these mysterious
works, possibly lost, I would be happy to hear about it.

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