Grammar. Philosophy and Epistemology

Matthew Kapstein mkapstei at UCHICAGO.EDU
Fri Oct 13 13:25:06 UTC 2006

But what about terms like vipazyanaa, "insight" (in Buddhist usage)
or pazantii as the transcendent ground of linguistic possibilities
in Bhart.rhari?

To attempt to draw a strict semantic dichotomy between d.rz and
paz seems altogether unwarranted.

More useful, to clarify to some extent what is at stake here,
would be to attend to the issue of ocularity, particularly as
represented in the Indo-European languages and in the philosophical
traditions elaborated in them. There has been a great deal of
philosophical ink spilled over the Western iterations of the
question, beginning with Richard Rorty and continuing into
more recent works such as David Levin, The Philosopher's Gaze.
None of this, of course, will help will the Sanskrit, but it
may help in getting more clear conceptually about just what
is at stake in the tie between "seeing" and "knowing."

Matthew Kapstein
Chicago and Paris

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