Source of Brahminhood

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I have found an almost identical verse in vajrasuuci (23)
kaivartiigarbhasambhuuto  vyaaso naama mahaamuni.h|  
tapasaa  jaatastasmaajjaatirakaara.nam||23||
(See _ 
(  )
Is the presence of such verses in the Hindu texts to be attributed to  
interpolation due to the influence of Buddhism/Jainism?
Thanks in advance.
S. Palaniappan
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The  verse you mentioned is perhaps from the Uttara-gita, published by the  
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune. The Critical Edition of the  
Mahabharata notes a conversation between Kr.s.n.a and Duryodhana in the star  
passage after 5.92.37, where Kr.s.n.a gives reasons for having meals at  Vidura's 

kaivarti-garbha-sambhuto vyaso nama mahamunih. tapasa  brahman.o jatas tasmaj 
jatir na

Sanjay  Kumar

McGill  University


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Subject: Source of  Brahminhood

Dear Indologists,

Can anybody tell me the  source and date of the verse "mastsyagandhastu 
tanayo veda vyasa....tasmad  jaatirna kaaranam" ?  This verse is used by  
some to
argue that  according to Hindu tradition a Brahmin is indeed born   through
austerities and Brahminhood is not the result of physical  birth.

Thanks in advance.

S.  Palaniappan


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