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Despite the critics of H. Isaacson (made also in the form of a paper at the
XIIth World Sanskrit Conference held in Helsinki), the recent critical
edition of the BhgP that I have here in my office is a very useful one and
can indeed be purchased through DK Agency or Biblia Impex books.
The general editor is H.G. Shastri, and the four volumes were issued in
Ahmedabad, at the B.J. Institute of Learning and Research in 1996-1998.
(unfortunately I have not the e-mail of Mrs Dr. Bharati K. Shelat who is, I
think, the director of this Institute and could inform us if the volumes
are still available).
Hoping it can help,
Christophe Vielle

>I seem to recall that H. Isaacson, now at Hamburg,
>mentioned these editions during a talk at the University
>of Chicago at couple of years ago. He might be
>able to help.
>During the last few years Biblia Impex in Delhi has
>succeeded in digging up all sorts of diffcult-to-find
>odds and ends I've ordered. They might be worth a
>try as well.
>Matthew Kapstein
>(Paris and Chicago)

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  Jonathan Edelmann
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> I am looking to purchase a critical edition of the
>Bhagavata Purana.
> Ludo Rocher mentions in his study of the Puranas (1986)
>that a  critical edition of it may be under way at the
>University of  Gujerat.  Does anyone know if that
>happened or is happening?

I have noted the following publication:

Keshavram Kashiram Shastree (ed.): The BhAgavata
mahApurANa (oldest Devanagari version. - Part 1-2. -
Ahmedabad : Shrimad Vallabh Vishvadharma Samstha, 2002

But I've not seen it yet. My source was a review in:
Journal of the Oriental Institute [Baroda]. 52 (2002), p.

> I've also heard there is a critical edition of the BP
>published in  Baroda.  Does anyone have a reference, or
>know how it can be obtained  (aside from going to

If it exists, it does not seem to have found its way into
the libraries. In recent years, some commentaries of the
Bhagavatam have been published; e.g. Vallabhacarya's Sri
Subodhini and that of Anandatirtha (ed. by K. T.

Hope it helps
Peter Wyzlic

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