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In my view, the Allaa Upanisad, which I happen to have read earlier this 
month, does not provide sufficient material for an MA study.  It is short, 
and is largely composed of mantras that have a syncretic sound to them.

It begins:

divyaani dhatte dhatte divyaani divyaani dhatte/ dhatta ilala ilale dhatte 
dhatta ilale/ dhatta iti dhatte/ ilale ilala ilale ilala iti ilale/ raajaa raajaa raajaa/ 
raajaa punar du.h punar duu raajaa raajaa punar du.h/ punarduriti puna.h 
du.h/ hvyaami mitro mitro hvayaami hvayaami mitra.h/ mitra ilaamilaa.m 
mitro mitra ilaam/ ilaam ilala ilala ilaam ilaam ilale/ ilala ilaam ilaam 
ilala ilala ilaam/

It ends:

sa.m tu.s.ta tu.s.ta sa.m sa.m tu.s.ta/ tu.s.ta devaa devaastu.s.ta 
tu.s.ta devaa.h/ devaa iti devaa.h//2//

ilaam ilaam ilaam ilaam ilaam/ ilelaakabarho 'kabarha ilelaakabarho 
'kabarha ilelaakabarho 'kabarha ilelaakabarho 'kabarha ilelaakabarho 
'kabarha.h/ akabarho 'smy akabarho 'smy akabarho 'smy akabarho 'smy 
akabarho 'smi//3//

These quotes already comprise about 20% of the text.

It is included in the book "Unpublished Upanisads" edited by C Kunhan Raja 
and published by the Adyar Library in 1938, pp.391-392.  There is a 
digital copy freely available in the Digital Library of India,

I would say that the Allaa Upanisad is very interesting for the fact of 
its existence, rather than for its content.


On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, Christophe Vielle wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> a Muslim student of mine would like to work for a M.A. on the Allopani.sad,
> composed by a court-poet of Akbar.
> For helping her to start the work, I have nothing to propose except the
> datas given in the NCC s.v. (three old editions) and one reference about an
> English translation (R. Mitra JASBeng 1871).
> (I have also the three pages by S.C. Banerji on "Contribution of Muslims to
> Sanskrit Literature" from his "Companion to Sanskrit literature", who
> himself relies on the book by J.B. Chaudhuri on "Muslim patronage of
> Sanskrit learning", Calcutta, 1945, but nothing more on the upani.sad).`
> Does somebody know some additional scholarly material produced on the
> subject (edition, translation or study)?
> Thank you in advance for your help,
> Dr. Christophe Vielle
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