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W. Halbfass: India and Europe. An Essay in Philosophical Understanding,
Delhi 1990, p. 416 refers to an article by R. Nath: “On the Authentency of
the Allopanisad.” In: Journal of the Oriental Institute (Baroda) 26
(1976/77), 238-250.

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Dr. Philipp Maas

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Dear Colleagues,
a Muslim student of mine would like to work for a M.A. on the Allopani.sad,
composed by a court-poet of Akbar.
For helping her to start the work, I have nothing to propose except the
datas given in the NCC s.v. (three old editions) and one reference about an
English translation (R. Mitra JASBeng 1871).
(I have also the three pages by S.C. Banerji on "Contribution of Muslims to
Sanskrit Literature" from his "Companion to Sanskrit literature", who
himself relies on the book by J.B. Chaudhuri on "Muslim patronage of
Sanskrit learning", Calcutta, 1945, but nothing more on the upani.sad).`
Does somebody know some additional scholarly material produced on the
subject (edition, translation or study)?
Thank you in advance for your help,

Dr. Christophe Vielle
Centre d'Etudes de l'Inde et de l'Asie du Sud
Institut orientaliste, Université de Louvain
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