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  Christophe Vielle <vielle at ORI.UCL.AC.BE> wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> a Muslim student of mine would like to work for a M.A. 
>on the Allopani.sad,
> composed by a court-poet of Akbar.
>For helping her to start the work, I have nothing to 
>propose except the
> datas given in the NCC s.v. (three old editions) and one 
>reference about an
> English translation (R. Mitra JASBeng 1871).
> (I have also the three pages by S.C. Banerji on 
>"Contribution of Muslims to
> Sanskrit Literature" from his "Companion to Sanskrit 
>literature", who
> himself relies on the book by J.B. Chaudhuri on "Muslim 
>patronage of
> Sanskrit learning", Calcutta, 1945, but nothing more on 
>the upani.sad).`
> Does somebody know some additional scholarly material 
>produced on the
> subject (edition, translation or study)?

The text of the allA-upaniSad is also reproduced in

Un-published Upanishads / ed by the Pandits of Adyar 
Library under the supervision of C. Kunhan Raja. - [Adyar, 
Madras] : Adyar Library, 1933 (Adyar Library Series ; No. 
14), p. 392-393

The text does not give references to manuscripts or 
variant readings, so it is not what I would call a 
critical edition. By the way, here this Upanishad belongs 
to the group of Shakta-Upanishads.

In 1996, a question concerning this text already came up 
here in this mailing list. I pointed to a manuscript 
catalogue of F. O. Schrader who made a few remarks on the 
Alla(h)-Upanishad, see

For whatever it is worth, Google Books 
( gives some references if you 
look for "Allah Upanishad".

Hope it helps
Peter Wyzlic

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