Name of river in Kathiawar

Bindu Bhat bb145 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Sun Mar 5 23:17:41 UTC 2006

Dear stephen,
Vallabhi was the name of the Port in Bhavanagar. Kalunbhar,
Shatrunjayi and Malan are the rivers in and around Bhavnagar. I am
not sure if they have waters flowing now or whether they are dry.
Shatrunjayi is by Shatrunjaya Hill (Palitana). This is just based
on memory associated with the place, and is not substantiated with
any geaographic or historical sources.

Quoting Stephen Hodge <s.hodge at PADMACHOLING.FREESERVE.CO.UK>:

> [Apologies for cross-posting]
> Dear Colleagues,
> Thanks for the suggestions about the  I have
> solved that
> matter but now I have another question.  In Kathiawar, there is
> the town
> Bhavnagar on the coast.  My map of India shows a river runs
> through that
> town.  Further upstream that river has two tributaries, one of
> which has a
> small town Vallabhapur on its banks. Could somebody with local
> knowledge or
> a better map tell what this river is called -- both the tributary
> and the
> main
> river at Bhavnagar.  I'm doing research with a specific text
> which may give
> for a possible name of Vallabhi before it became famous --
> unfortunately the
> text is only in Chinese and Tibetan versions.
> best wishes,
> Stephen Hodge

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