Name of river in Kathiawar

Sat Mar 4 03:05:31 UTC 2006

[Apologies for cross-posting]

Dear Colleagues,

Thanks for the suggestions about the  I have solved that
matter but now I have another question.  In Kathiawar, there is the town
Bhavnagar on the coast.  My map of India shows a river runs through that
town.  Further upstream that river has two tributaries, one of which has a
small town Vallabhapur on its banks. Could somebody with local knowledge or
a better map tell what this river is called -- both the tributary and the 
river at Bhavnagar.  I'm doing research with a specific text which may give
for a possible name of Vallabhi before it became famous -- unfortunately the
text is only in Chinese and Tibetan versions.

best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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