Times CSX Font

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Fri Jun 23 20:21:53 UTC 2006

First, try using the newer CSX-plus fonts.  That may sort you out.  (This 
is a theoretical suggestion; I'm afraid I've never used Word.)


On Fri, 23 Jun 2006, David Rustin Mellins wrote:

> Dear Members
> Sorry to flood the list with yet another dreary font inquiry, but I
> have struggled with this difficulty for a long time to no avail.
> When I wrote my dissertation, I used a Times CSX font (Version:
> Altsys Fotographer 4.0 , dated 26/6/97 - URW Software 1994) for
> diacritics. The operating system on my computer was Microsoft XP,
> version 2002, and my word processing program was Microsoft Word
> 2000 (9.0.3821 SR-1). For some reason, when I install these
> original CSX fonts on Windows based computers with more
> contemporary versions of XP and Word and try to open files my
> dissertatio, the more contemporary systems to not elicit the full
> range of diacritics.
> Has anybody successfuly negotiated this difficult? Thank in advance
> for any hopeful recommendations. I will need to send this document
> to the publisher soon, and dread having to retype all these
> diacritics in a different unicode complian font.
>                            David Mellins

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